This page contains selected projects by Maciej Sawitus.

Game engine development blog

I have started this blog to create some space for any game engine design and implementation related ideas that I happen to have sometimes.
Multi Script

A simple test library that unifies C++ side interface to various scripting languages. Demonstrates scripting language independent integration of the global functions and classes for ocaml, lua, squirrel and game monkey.
Crazy Cars

Car game developed in free time by a small team of developers. The project has eventually been abandoned.
De Blob

I was working on De Blob for Wii at THQ, Blue Tongue.
Gears Of War PC

I was working on Gears Of War PC at People Can Fly, Epic Poland.
Untitled mysterious game

I was working at People Can Fly for over a year on a title developed for THQ to be never released.
Robust Multi Level Reflections

I had a pleasure to be co-author of the 'More OpenGL Game Programming' book. My part was one chapter covering planar multi-level reflections.
Robust Multi Level Reflections - Sample Code

Sample code to accompany chapter of a book mentioned above.
Deferred Shading Demo 2

This demo is an improved version of my previous deferred shading demo. Soft shadows, glow and depth-of-field effects were added.
Deferred Shading Demo

This demo implements 5 different deferred shading data storage schemes. Uses DirectX 9. Requires card capable of using MRT and Pixel Shader 2.0 (e.g. GeForce 6 class cards)
Game Football Manager 2004/2005

This was the game done by myself and a friend in a free time when we were students. It was even released commercially.
Toy Play Demo

This was simple university project using Open Dynamics Engine (ODE).
Parallax mapping presentation (polish only)

Presentation I was showing as part of my 3d graphics faculty. It also covers most popular bump mapping techniques in real-time computer graphics.
L-Systems Demo

That was quite fun - few lines of l-system language code can produce something that looks really interesting. Once programmed it was rendered using POV-Ray 2.0.
POV-Ray abstract scene

Simple scene described using POV-Ray specific shading language.
Underwater caustics - Presentation & Demo

Included demo in OpenGL and presentation (polish only). Based on papers by Mark Watt from SIGGRAPH'90, including my implementation for flat bottom case only.
Santa Claus Screensaver

Simple yet good looking screensaver for Christmas I did when I had nothing better to do.
Loose Binary Space Partition (BSP) Tree Generator - Presentation & Code

Given an ASE file and some parameters, produces spatial tree optimized for binary space search. Written in Moscow ML (functional programming!).
LOL 3D graphics engine - Demo & Code

One of many experimental engines I did when learning 3D / game development. This one features mutli-level mirrors, bsp trees for collisions, portals and sectors for visibility determination, demo recording option and more...
Some really old stuff, mostly in Turbo Pascal...
Weird traffic simulation - Demo

Up to 255 cars driving around... All 3D models created using my own 3D models editor.
Sokoban in 3D - Demo

Another simple 3D demo on my way to learn stuff. Features textured models and viking pushing box. Uses my custom simple low-level graphics pipeline (transformation, texture mapping).
Fractals - Demo

A bunch of fractal related demos in one.
Wolftris - Demo

Yet another tetris conversion - this one inspired by the Wolfenstein game.
Simple 3D editor - Demo

One of several "3D editors" I did to create some models and animations... which was even before I knew there's programs such as 3DS MAX or MAYA.
Labirynth Game - Demo

My very first "serious" 3D game ;-)
In fact this is PC remake of some labirynth game from Commodore 64.